VQ Mini DAB Digital Radio - Light Grey

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The VQ Retro Mini is one of the world’s most popular DAB/DAB+ Digital Radios and with comprehensive radio functionality, Bluetooth streaming and vintage style it’s easy to understand why. Retro Mini features DAB & DAB+ Digital Radio along with traditional FM, meaning you can listen to all the available stations broadcast in your area from the likes of; your national, commercial and local broadcasters. If you’re yet to try digital radio now is the time, with better coverage and more stations than ever before, you might find that what you always thought was your favourite station isn’t any more. On digital radio finding new stations to try couldn’t be easier with the auto scan to find all your available stations and a simple alphabetical list to scroll through. Once you find a new favourite station, save it to one of sixty available presets. If you decide it’s time to listen to something from your own music collection or relax with an audiobook/podcast, you’ll be pleased to know Retro Mini features a wireless Bluetooth connection. It’s easy to connect you phone, tablet or any other device via Bluetooth and then you can stream for a whole range of content providers, such as; Audible, Apple Music, Deezer and Spotify. Most conveniently of all, the radio features a USB charge port so you can power-up your phone/tablet from your Retro Mini. Whatever you choose to listen to on your Retro Mini it will sound fantastic with the premium single ultra-wide full range 5W speaker delivering a rich and room filling audio experience. You can also tailor the acoustics with a range of six available presets for different music genres. Retro Mini by VQ is small but perfectly formed with a perfect balance of vintage style and modern functionality making it irresistible. DAB/DAB+/FM Radio. 60 available radio presets. Bluetooth streaming. 5W speaker output. MyEQ equaliser with 6-preset control. Dual alarm clock with Snooze / Sleep timer / Countdown. Mains or battery powered (4 x AA). Headphone jack / 3.5mm Aux-In jack / USB charging port. Item dimensions: H 19 x L 10.5 x W 14cm.