T81285 Tower Cerastone 30cm Low Casserole Dish Graphite

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By Tower
SKU: 9000072894

Slow-cook delicious stews and hearty casseroles without hassle using the Tower Cerastone 30cm low casserole pot. Its forged aluminium body conducts heat quickly while the bonded steel base spreads it evenly around the dish, cooking your food fast and thoroughly with every use. It features a stone ceramic coating with excellent non-stick properties, letting you cook healthy low-oil meals without the worry of food getting stuck to the pot. It comes with a tempered glass lid to trap in the heat and simmer delicate foods, retaining their rich flavours and tender textures for a tastier end-result. The soft-touch, stay cool handles ensures a comfortable grip, allowing you to lift the pot onto the stove safely and cook with more control. The Cerastone casserole pot is suitable for use on all hob types including induction, in addition to being dishwasher-safe to give you a no-fuss clean-up.