T17070 Tower 1.5L 1000W Deep Fat Fryer Stainless Steel

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By Tower
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The stainless steel Tower T17070 Deep Fat Fryer produces crispy results every time, so now you can enjoy your favourite foods freshly fried at home! Just pour in 1.5 litres of oil to fill it up, set the temperature using the adjustable thermostat and fry away using the removable basket included. Highly practical, it’s the perfect size to cater to a medium sized family, and the removable Lid, removable handle, and non-slip feet make the device just that extra bit easier to use! Your safety has been considered too, as the cool touch handles prevent burns while handling the device when it’s hot. 1.5L Oil Capacity– Large enough to supply the whole family with crispy fried food favourites. Adjustable Thermostat– Change the temperature to cook a wide range of dishes with ease. Removable Lid, Basket and Non-Slip Feet– Make this device that extra bit easier to use and clean. Cool Touch Handles– Provides safety by preventing burns whilst the fryer is still hot. Dimensions: H28 x W26 x D22cm.