T17002 Tower 2300W 3L Easy Clean Deep Fryer

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By Tower
SKU: 9000039888

With an adjustable thermostat, generous 3 litre oil capacity and non-stick, enamel, inner oil pan, this easy clean 2 litre Deep Fat Fryer is versatile, spacious and extremely simple to clean. The non-stick coating prevents debris from adhering to the inside of the fryer, while a durable frying basket allows you to fry smaller items like scampi or chicken pieces. The 30-minute mechanical timer further ensures that your food is cooked to perfection every time, making for a spacious and versatile cooking and frying aid for the whole family! Oil capacity of 3.0ltrs, Adjustable thermostat for accurate cooking, Multi function handle with lifting system, Basket can be raised and lowered while lid is closed, Large observation window, Safety interlock and press release button to open lid, 30 min mechanical timer, Detachable enamel oil pot for easy cleaning, Removable lid with carbon odour filter, Light indicator.