SMF02RDUK Smeg 50's Style Stand Mixer Red

£299.00 £399.95
By Smeg
SKU: 9000128164

Expertly whisk, beat and knead through each mixture as the 800W direct drive motor uses controlled planetary action to rotate the beater through one direction of mixture, whilst simultaneously whisking in the opposite direction. Positioned atop the mixer sits the adjustable lever, featuring 10 variable speed selections, with the lower range setting designed for kneading and the top speed setting catered to high speed whisking. Including three attachments to maximise your baking capabilities, the wire whisk, flat beater and dough hook fix to the attachment port to create a variety of baking consistencies. The safety lock activates when the head is tilted up, while the anti-slip feet provide maximum stability on the kitchen surface as the polished stainless steel mixing bowl mixes up to 4.8 litres of ingredients. The stainless steel and aluminium structures are wrapped in a retro inspired red coating, for a combination of durable materials and timeless design. Item dimensions: H40.0 x L22.5 x W36.0cm.

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