Krosno Elite Premium Set Of 6 Beer Glasses 500ml

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By Krosno
SKU: 9000070025

Thanks to their tough glass construction each glass in the Elite pack of 6 dark beer glasses are both durable and also beautifully presented. Each glass has a 500-millilitre capacity with a reinforced rim and a stable base. With a height of 175mm and a diameter of 88 mm and is distinguished by their exceptional durability and style. The indented shape of the glass allows for a more comfortable hold with a solid base, perfect for holding and to add a unique feel to your home with a style that is ideal for completing a modern or traditional theme. These glasses are also perfect for serving juices, wine or any beverage you like. This set of Elite glasses is lead-free and dishwasher safe. Each glass has a strong, sturdy base ideal for adding a modern feel to any kitchen or dining table. The shape of the glasses has been specifically designed with a wider upper, and closing slightly towards the centre, for the accumulation of aromas and enhances the noble taste of expressive beer. This classic 6 pack of wheat beer glasses in the Elite range are perfect for toasting special occasions such as Christmas, New Year, birthdays or anything you can think of as they offer a simple, well-made glass bringing a touch of style. Krosno is a renowned European glass manufacturer specializing in creating beautiful glass products for homes around the world. The glass is of exceptional quality and made by carefully trained craftsmen who are devoted to their work.