Have you ever wondered why grilled food tastes uniquely good? 

We all enjoy the unique and rich flavour of grilled food. But what makes the difference between a good grilled dish and an awful one?

Smokey flavour

One of the predominant characteristics of grilled food is the smoked flavour. When food is cooked on a grill, it is not only exposed to heat but also to the flavouring of smoke. The smoke not only enhances the flavour but also makes the food appear more attractive and appetizing.

The smokey flavour comes from a variety of sources including tilled soil, burning of wood chips and charcoal. 

Fantastic Aroma

As food cooks on the grill, it releases an intoxicating aroma. This aroma is enhanced by smoke from burning wood chips or natural gas that can be hooked up to the gas-based grill. The aroma is further enhanced by the addition of spices, herbs and marinades.

Famous Grill Marks

The grill marks, the dark brown and scarlet colours of cooked food, are a very important aspect which enhances the food and makes it look appetizing. This is possible because of the high temperature of the grill. The grill marks are formed as the food is cooked and they are an indication of food being cooked on a high temperature.

Just like the smokey flavour, the grill marks also enhance the flavour of the food and make it more attractive. As food is placed on the grill, smoke from the burning wood chips permeates the food, giving it a beautiful appearance.

Seared Food

Another distinctive feature of grilled food is the attractive caramelised crust on the surface of the food. The strong heat of the barbecue grill causes small sections of the food to burn and caramelise creating a varied and interesting textural experience.

Browning in grilling creates a great contrast between the crust and the meat underneath. Aside from being a natural tenderizer, browning in grilling also improves the flavour. When a raw piece of meat is put on the fire, the high heat causes the protein and natural sugars in the meat to caramelise and form a crust, giving the meat its amazing taste.

Pit masters and grill masters all know that the flavour of grilled food is really spectacular, but they also know that the complex flavours and the caramelised, crispy charred appearance of grilled food cannot be duplicated in the kitchen in your backyard.

Art of Grilling

The art of grilling is a combination of skills and experience.

Pit masters are experts when it comes to grilling. They have acquired their skills over the years by continuously practicing and mastering their techniques. Experienced pit masters can even tell how long to cook food by just looking at it. Experience also allows them to create their own unique recipes to get the perfect sear and a delicious barbecue.

A pit master cooks the meat and fish with their own hands on the grill. They choose the cuts and select the best food from their selection. They also know how to season and smoke the food and how to prepare the fire on the grill. Pit masters are experts in maintaining heat, controlling the smoke and getting the food done at the right time. They know how to pluck the meat from the pit and how to present it.


Cooking on the grill is one of the best ways to make dishes taste awesome. The smoky flavour and aroma are the most important aspects of grilled food. So the next time you grill food with your family and friends, make sure to share these fantastic things as to why grilled food tastes superb and better than any other food.

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July 11, 2022 — Paul Masterson