Bags are an essential thing to have, especially if you're going out. Men tend not to be picky about them, but women emphasise them, mainly because they can complete their looks. Among the different kinds of bags available, a leather handbag is an ideal piece because they look luxurious.

Leather handbags are famous because of their quality and longevity. However, it can only be preserved when adequately cared for, which can be tricky because leather can be hard to maintain. A leather handbag requires special consideration in handling, cleaning and storage to keep it looking great, which many people fail to do. For this reason, we'll discuss different tips to care for a leather handbag, such as:

#1 - Keep Your Hands Clean

You will transfer the dirt to the bag if your hands are always dirty. Dirt can be transferred easily to the bag, considering that your hands will come in contact with different things throughout the day. Because of this, always ensure your hands are clean before handling your leather handbag.

#2 - Store Your Makeup in a Separate Pouch

Any woman who loves makeup would always bring them. However, you shouldn't store them in the handbag because they can transfer and make it look dirty. Because your makeup bag and your bag will be close to each other, the bag will catch bits of powder, blush, and other stuff you can carry. Therefore, if you have a leather handbag, you must store your makeup in a separate pouch rather than the bag.

#3 - Never Overstuff Your Bag

Stuffing your bag is a bad idea because you may end up damaging the bag. Overstuffing can lead to the leather being stretched out and the bag losing its shape. As a protective measure, you can use a planner or a large wallet to help in keeping the bag from being overstuffed. That way, the bag can be protected from damage.

#4 - Use a Leather Cleaner for Cleaning

This is one of the most common mistakes when cleaning a leather handbag. Water and soap can damage the bag, especially when it's new. You can use a cleaner that is designed for leather. However, if you don't have one, you can use saddle soap because it's mild and won't damage the leather.

Using a leather conditioner is also a good idea, particularly if you want to keep the bag's colour bright. You can find a high-quality conditioner at any local store and get it at an affordable price.

#5 - Let It Breathe in Storage

When you're not using your leather handbag, make sure that you store it in a dry place that allows it to breathe. You don't want to put it in a stuffy environment because it can damage the bag. Keep it on a shelf or in a closet without any clothes touching it.

Furthermore, you should also store your leather handbag in a cool, dark place. The temperature will keep the bag in good condition and prevent the dust and other small particles from sticking to it. Leather will dry up when heat or ultraviolet rays are exposed for a long time.

#6 - Keep It Dry

Above all else, it's crucial to keep your leather handbag dry. If it gets wet, the leather can absorb the moisture and cause it to dry and crack. If you're in the rain, be sure it's not on the back or side of your body during the activity because water droplets can easily reach it.


A leather handbag looks best when it's kept in excellent condition. With the knowledge here, you can keep yours looking great and have people asking you where you got it. Remember to follow the tips above to ensure your leather handbag stays beautiful for a long time.

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July 04, 2022 — Paul Masterson