Maison & White Bamboo Rotating Dip Set & Ceramic Dishes

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When you’re entertaining guests or have the family round for a catch-up, it’s great to serve up some delicious snacks and treats, but serving them up on different plates and bowls leads to everyone reaching over each other which is not that hygienic. The Maison & White Bamboo Rotating Dip Set is a fantastic piece of serveware that makes tucking into your finger foods a whole lot easier. Fill each of the 6 ceramic pots and enjoy as the whole group can rotate the bamboo lazy susan base to get those tasty crisps that are just out of reach!


When everyone is tucking into your snacks, it can be frustrating as arms are stretching over the table to get what you want. The bamboo lazy susan included in this set can be rotated both clockwise and anticlockwise 360’ giving you and your guests total freedom as you battle it out for the last olive.


When the parties are over, there’s usually cleaning up to follow. To clean the bamboo base we recommend hand washing with warm soapy water and not submerging or fully soaking with water.


If you aren’t planning on entertaining anytime soon, the rotating dip set can easily be stored. The ceramic bowls aren’t attached to the base and once cleaned, can easily be stacked to save your cupboard space.


  • Size: Diameter 30.5cm Height: 6cm (with dishes) 2.5cm (Without dishes)
  • MateriaI: Bamboo, Ceramic
  • In the Box: 6 x Ceramic Bowls, 1 x Bamboo Lazy Susan
  • 2 Year Warranty