Peace, prosperity, hope. That’s what the Year of the Rabbit symbolises, and it’s where our Design Team found their inspiration for the Lunar New Year collection. Because what’s more peaceful than a tranquil river setting with our Scottie’s new bunny friends?

A Peaceful Year

A peaceful year deserves a serene collection. So, we head down to the Thames, where our Scottie is making friends with the local rabbits.

When creating styles for special occasions, we always look to our collectible picture bag.

For Lunar New Year, our Designers have recreated its signature triple-compartment shape in the new season colour, Tranquil Blue (an apt name for the year ahead).

As always, artisan craftsmanship brings the scene to life, with leather appliqué water lilies, our Scottie and his new bunny friend with a soft-to-touch shearling belly and tail. Cute.

“2023 is predicted to be a year of hope.”

– Kelly, Radley London Brand Manager


The joy of finding a perfectly matching accessory.

And we didn’t stop there, because we understand the joy of finding a perfectly matching accessory. Like our recycled cotton canvas tote that'll brighten every shopping trip. And our purses, with their mini replica of the same river scene. With tufts of fluffy shearling, you’ll never want to tuck these away.

Recycled Cotton Canvas Tote

January 17, 2023 — Paul Masterson