How many shoes should a man own? It's a question that has been asked since the dawn of time, and one that still plagues mankind to this day. There is no easy answer, as each man's needs are different. However, we can offer some guidance on the matter.

Generally speaking, the average man should own about 7-10 pairs of shoes. This includes 2-3 pairs of dress shoes, 2 pairs of casual shoes, 1 pair of athletic shoes, and 1-2 pairs of boots. Of course, this number can vary depending on a man's lifestyle and personal preferences. But in general, owning around 7-10 pairs of shoes should be enough to cover all of a man's needs.

Beyond that, the number of pairs a man owns is up to personal preference. Some men prefer to have a large collection of shoes, while others prefer to keep things more simple.

Here are five factors to consider when trying to determine how many pairs of shoes a man should own:

1. The Type of Shoes 

The type of shoes a man should own depends on the occasions he will be wearing them. For formal occasions, a man should have at least one pair of dress shoes, either in black or brown. For more casual occasions, a man should have a pair of loafers or sneakers. For outdoor activities, a man should have a pair of boots that are suited for the climate and terrain. Lastly, for extreme weather, a man should have a pair of insulated boots. 

2. The Occasions You'll Be Wearing Them 

The occasions a man will be wearing his shoes should influence how many pairs he should own. For example, if he is attending a lot of formal events, he should have at least two pairs of dress shoes. If he is a professional athlete, he should have several pairs of athletic shoes that are suited for different sports. If he is someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, he should have a few pairs of boots that are suited for different weather conditions and terrain. 

3. The Climate You Live In 

Climate is an important factor to consider when deciding how many pairs of shoes to own. Depending on the climate, certain types of shoes may be more or less appropriate. For example, in warmer climates, sandals and other open-toed shoes may be more practical, while in colder climates, closed-toe shoes may be more suitable. Additionally, boots or other weatherproof shoes may be necessary in climates with a lot of rain or snow. Ultimately, the type of shoes needed will depend on the climate and the activities a man plans to engage in.

4. Your Personal Style 

Your personal style is an important factor to consider when deciding how many pairs of shoes you should own. Do you prefer more formal or casual styles? Do you prefer dress shoes or sneakers? Do you like to wear boots or sandals? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you narrow down your shoe selection and determine how many pairs of shoes you need. 

5. Your Budget 

The amount of money you have to spend on shoes is another important factor to consider when determining how many pairs you should own. If you have a limited budget, you may want to focus on purchasing a few quality pairs of shoes that will last you for years rather than buying several cheaper, lower-quality pairs.


There's no definitive answer to how many shoes a man should own. It depends on your lifestyle, your budget, and how much you value fashion and appearance. However, a good rule of thumb is to have at least one pair of shoes for every occasion. This way, you'll always have the right shoes for the right occasion, and you won't have to sacrifice comfort or style.

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February 25, 2023 — Paul Masterson