As we age, we must find furniture suitable for our elderly loved one's needs. They must be durable and easy to use to ensure their independence, mobility, and safety. And for this reason, we strongly recommend investing in an electric recliner. 

Electric recliners can help your elderly loved ones remain independent at home. They're easy to use and available in different fabrics and sizes. However, worrying about the electric recliner chair's longevity and how to maintain it is understandable. After all, it's one of the most efficient investments you can make for your family.

Fortunately, we put together six tips to ensure your electric recliner chair will withstand the test of time. 

1. Conduct Regular Cleaning

Like other significant home investments, we strongly recommend cleaning your electric recliner regularly to help extend its lifespan and maintain its best condition. Practising this daily habit can also improve its overall comfort levels. 

Whether cleaning it daily or hoovering your electric recliner every other day, give your rise and recline chair a quick vacuum to eliminate dust or debris. Remember to deep clean the nooks and crannies too! 

Besides regular vacuuming, you must also eliminate all stains immediately using a damp cloth. 

2. Take Care of the Fabric Cover

You must regularly maintain your electric recliner's fabric cover to keep its durability and best condition. You can protect the fabric from spilt food and drinks by applying protective sprays. You may also add a removable and washable small throw for additional precaution. 

We also recommend finding a rise-and-recline chair with a removable cushion and seat cover for easier maintenance. 

3. Watch Out for the Electrics

Fortunately, the rules for taking care of your electric recliner are pretty easy to follow. We urge you only to plug the electric rise and recline chair into the main socket, never in an extension lead. Otherwise, it can cause overloading and future damage. 

You can also ensure your recliner's longer lifespan by clearing the space underneath the electric furniture of debris and objects. 

4. Check the Batteries 

Like other electronic devices, your electric recliner needs batteries to keep it energised. And for this reason, it's always crucial to determine which power sources are suitable for your innovative furniture. 

Backup and rechargeable batteries can help prolong your rise and recline chair's lifespan. While a backup battery can power your chair when there's a power cut, you can only use them once, and you need to replace them once they run out. On the other hand, a rechargeable battery is a more sustainable option that can deliver the same results as its counterpart.

You can ensure the rechargeable battery's long lifespan by determining when to charge it. 

5. Perform Regular Checks on the Electrics

While electric recliners are a perfect opportunity to relax, you must check their electric cables weekly for any wear, tear, and noticeable damage. It's also best to replace the damaged line to ensure smooth and safe operations. 

Moreover, you must only keep your electric recliner chair indoors in a warm and dry room. Otherwise, the damp surroundings will harm its electricity system.

6. Conduct Deep Cleaning

Lastly, we recommend steam cleaning your electric recliner twice a year to remove stains or marks. You can apply leather oil or wax to protect your recliner from cracks and drying. It's also best to regularly use a leather conditioner. 

Plugging in a Cosy Experience

An electric recliner is an excellent investment for any modern home, especially if you have an elderly loved one. However, like other home appliances, you must perform the necessary maintenance to ensure its long lifespan. 

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December 10, 2022 — Paul Masterson