For the last 40 years or so, coffee has been an essential part of everyday life. The high street has been overtaken by independent and chain coffee shops whose popularity has only grown. According to studies conducted by the National Coffee Association in 2010, the office coffee machine does more than give everyone hot drinks. 12 years later, the benefits have just grown stronger than ever; exponentially so.


The office coffee machine brings the following benefits in particular:


  • Staff being happier all around
  • Staff being more motivated
  • Staff productivity rates getting a boost
  • Workplace stress considerably lowering


From those four points alone, it's obviously a crucial investment for businesses whether they're small-scale or on the larger-scale end of things.


Modern-Day Coffee Machines Are A Gift


Kettles and jars of instant coffee are so last century. Today, businesses that want to serve better quality coffee have many technological options to choose from. There are espresso machines, bean to cup machines and so much more. Thankfully, looking over some important data will go a long way in finding the best coffee machine for your business.


Read on to learn more about things to consider when picking out an office coffee machine:


  1. Get An Office Coffee Machine That Can Serve Everyone Well


Just how big your company or organization is will make all the difference when it comes to getting the coffee machine. Do you have a dozen or so employees-let's say 20? In that case, a filter coffee machine will go a long way. It will be able to give everyone high-quality black coffee that can be enjoyed as is, or modified according to tastes with milk and sugar.


20-50 employees, on the other hand, will do well with low-volume bean to cup machines; they're often available in a compact size. When employees run in the hundreds, say 200, a bean to cup machine that's of high-volume and has a quick dispense time is the best way to go.


  1. Get An Office Coffee Machine That Has A Good Quality-to-Cost Ratio


Buying any cheap coffee machine won't do much if you end up having to get it repaired often. You will not get to save much either if you're buying replacements quite a bit. That said, just because something has a high price doesn't mean it's ideal either. Make sure to find something that offers value for money and has a high-quality performance.


  1. Get An Office Coffee Machine That Provides Convenience Easily


Dispense time and ease of use have to be a high-priority factor as well. Bigger offices, in particular, need to have machines that are convenient. The last thing you need is long queues during busy times at work because everyone needs their coffee and they're struggling to get it in a timely manner.


Where self-service is ideal, you cannot go wrong with bean to cup machines. While barista-style machines are great, needless to say, a professional barista has to be around.




Office coffee machines play a huge role in the overall morale and well-being of everyone. This is why making the selection should go beyond considering what's "trendy" or "looks great". Consider convenience, a good quality-to-cost ratio and a machine that can serve everyone well.


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February 21, 2022 — Paul Masterson