Have you struggled to find the perfect gift for your friends and family? It’s hard to make them appreciate your gift if you don’t think about it. But there’s good news: you can make yourself better at giving gifts! All you need is a little more time, extra effort, and a better idea of what to do.

That’s right; don’t look at specific items, then buy them from a gifts shop online. Work backwards by thinking of a gift idea before narrowing it down to the particular thing you want to purchase.

Hobby-Related Present

When choosing gifts, try to give gifts to people that match their hobbies. Does a particular hobby require specific materials, gear, or devices for use? If so, think about getting them one of those items. Are they into knitting? Buy them some wool. Are they into analogue photography? Get them a roll of film. If you can give a gift that helps a person enjoy a hobby more, they'll love you for it.

Personalised Present

If you want to give someone an extraordinary gift that they will remember forever, why not go the extra mile and make it personalised. There are many ways to personalise a gift—you could make a photo album, design a letter from Santa, or put together a scrapbook of your favourite memories together.

You can even purchase a customisable shirt, pillow, or trinket from a gifts shop online!

Remember: personalised gifts don't have to be for Christmas either—make someone's birthday extra special by making their gift as personalised as possible. It will be something to treasure forever.

Practical Present

The gift you choose should be something your friend will use for a long time, not something they’ll just enjoy for a day or two before forgetting about it, unfortunately.

When you find a gift like this, they’ll appreciate it more because they know they’ll get to use it. Not just enjoy it for a day or two before forgetting about it.

Batteries-included toys and gadgets are the best examples of practical gifts. You can usually find something that will light up their eyes with child-like wonder.

You can treat it as a brainstorming exercise—try to find some ‘idea sparks’ for their personality and interests. Here are a few:

  • A book on a subject they’re interested in
  • A remote-controlled helicopter
  • A digital photo frame with their favourite pictures
  • A survival kit - includes a hatchet, compass, first aid kit, fire starter, knife and water purifier tablets

Problem-Solving Present

Sometimes you want to give the perfect gift. Look at the person you are buying the gift for and try to picture what kinds of problems they might have. If you can spot something helpful in solving a particular problem, go ahead and buy it. 

It doesn’t matter whether the problem is big or small; sometimes it’s as simple as getting a nice new watch so they can tell what time it is again, cable protectors, so their phone chargers don’t fray, or cable ties, so their electronics cables don’t look like a pit of snakes lying around. You can also buy them from a gift shop online!

When All Else Fails, Research through Listening

Pay attention to facts or hints they drop in random conversations. Listening is one of the best ways to present them with something personal and valuable! It’s not a cop-out. After all, people want something based on their preferences.

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Deciding to give someone a gift that they will genuinely appreciate is something that everyone should strive for. No matter how bad you’ve been at providing the right skills in the past, you should make it a point that you’re going to leave all of that behind you. Instead of focusing on how unpleasant your past gift-giving was, you should take the time to use the tips and ideas above and focus on using them. 

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March 21, 2022 — Paul Masterson