Recliner chairs offer a luxurious combination of comfort, support and style, making them an ideal addition to any living space. By providing excellent ergonomic benefits and the freedom to adjust to your preferred position, a recliner chair can enhance your relaxation experience and elevate your home's overall aesthetic. However, with a wealth of styles, materials, and features available, finding the perfect recliner chair that seamlessly matches your needs and personal style can be a daunting task.

At Beales, we understand the importance of choosing the right recliner chair for your unique preferences and lifestyle. We are driven to empower you with insightful information, helping you select the ideal recliner chair that promises to deliver unparalleled comfort and stunning visual appeal. Our comprehensive guide will not only discuss the various types, features and materials of recliner chairs but also delve into essential considerations such as sizing, compatibility with existing décor and maintenance for durability.

Investing in a high-quality recliner chair is not only a decision that impacts your interior design but also one that defines your relaxation and well-being, warranting a well-informed and thoughtful selection process. By trusting Beales' expertise and extensive product range, you will be well on your way to discovering the perfect recliner chair that promises to become a cherished addition to your living space, inviting you to unwind in supreme comfort and style at the end of each day.

1. Types of Recliner Chairs: Exploring Your Options

There are various types of recliner chairs, each offering distinct features and benefits to cater to diverse preferences and requirements:

  • Manual Recliners: The most traditional recliner type, manual recliners use a lever or handle that allows you to adjust the position of the chair when you push back. They tend to be more cost-effective and straightforward to operate.
  • Power Recliners: Operated with the touch of a button, power recliners offer a wide range of adjustable positions and the convenience of just pressing a button to achieve your desired configuration. Some models also come with USB ports for charging devices.
  • Rocker/Glider Recliners: Designed to provide a gentle rocking or gliding motion, these recliner chairs are perfect for individuals who find that movement helps them relax or are looking for a perfect chair to use while nursing a baby.
  • Swivel Recliners: Combining 360-degree rotation with reclining functionality, swivel recliners offer added flexibility and are great for those who want the option to face different directions without shifting the entire chair.

2. Important Features and Considerations

When choosing the perfect recliner chair, consider the following features and factors:

  • Size and Space: Be mindful of the chair's dimensions and the space it will occupy in your room. Ensure that you have enough room for the chair to recline fully and for you to comfortably manoeuvre around it.
  • Seating Comfort: Select a recliner chair with plush padding, built-in lumbar support, and a headrest or neck pillow for maximum comfort.
  • Fabric and Material: Assess your lifestyle and personal preferences when choosing the fabric and material of your recliner chair. Consider the durability, maintenance requirements, and overall appearance of options such as leather, faux leather, and fabric upholstery.
  • Integrated Extras: Some recliner chairs come with added features such as cup holders, storage compartments, and massaging functions, which can enhance your relaxation experience.

3. Complementing Your Décor and Style

Selecting a recliner chair that harmonises with your current décor and complements your style is essential. Consider the following aspects when making your decision:

  • Colour and Pattern: Opt for a chair that matches your existing colour palette or introduces a pop of colour as a statement piece. Patterns can also add visual interest, but ensure that they work well with your room's overall design.
  • Material Consistency: Ensure that your recliner chair's material aligns with the materials present in your living space for a cohesive look.
  • Style and Design: Choose a chair design that suits your preferred aesthetic, be it traditional, modern, or something in between. Trust your instincts and personal style when adding a new focal point to your room.

4.Maintenance and Care for Your Recliner Chair

Proper care and maintenance of your recliner chair will prolong its lifespan and keep it looking and functioning at its best:

  • Upholstery Cleaning: Regularly vacuum your chair's upholstery to remove dust and debris. Use a fabric cleaner or leather cleaner, depending on your chair's material, to treat spills and stains promptly, following the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Mechanics and Components: Periodically inspect your recliner chair's mechanics and components for any signs of wear and tear or loose parts. Seek prompt, professional help for repairs to maintain the chair's structure and functionality.


Finding the perfect recliner chair requires thorough consideration of various factors, including types, features, materials, and aesthetic compatibility. By identifying your unique needs and preferences and using the insightful guidance provided by Beales, you can confidently invest in a recliner chair that not only caters to your taste but also offers lasting comfort, relaxation, and style.

At Beales, we take pride in our commitment to presenting you with expert advice and a comprehensive range of quality products. Allow us to be your trusted partner in your journey towards discovering the perfect recliner chair that can transform your living space into a sanctuary of comfort and elegant design.

November 13, 2023 — Paul Masterson