For many people, the home represents a sanctuary of rest and relaxation, a place where the demands of the world take a back seat, and comfort reigns supreme. One essential ingredient for a truly welcoming and tranquil home is an exceptionally comfortable recliner chair.

Recliner chairs, with their ability to cradle the body in an array of positions, offer unbeatable comfort and support while promoting relaxation and ultimate loungeability. Whether you are enjoying a quiet moment with a good book, embarking on a thrilling movie marathon, or simply savouring a much-deserved rest after a long day, a perfectly chosen recliner chair can elevate your relaxation experience.

However, selecting the ideal recliner chair is not always as simple as it may seem. With numerous factors to consider, such as materials, design, style, size and additional features, it is crucial to strike a balance between comfort and aesthetics to ensure your new recliner seamlessly integrates into your existing home decor while offering the superior comfort you crave.

To help guide you on this luxurious journey, our comprehensive guide explores the world of recliner chairs in depth, providing expert advice on key considerations and highlighting essential styling tips. By the end of this guide, you'll have all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about which recliner chair is destined to become your favourite sanctuary for relaxation, as well as how to style it to enhance your home's overall aesthetic.

So, let's delve into the world of recliner chairs, exploring essential insights and practical tips that will empower you to discover a new world of comfort in your home.

1: Key Features of Recliner Chairs

1. Manual vs. Electric Recline Mechanisms:

One essential consideration when selecting a recliner chair is whether to opt for a manual or electric recline mechanism. Manual recliners typically use a lever or handle to release the chair, allowing the user to lean back and push up on a footrest. Electric, or power recliners, utilise a motor to activate the reclining motion, often controlled by a remote or push button. While electric recliners may offer a more seamless and convenient experience, they can also be more expensive and require a power source.

2. Rocker and Swivel Recliners:

Another feature to consider is whether you prefer a stationary recliner or one that rocks or swivels. Rocker recliners, as the name suggests, offer a gentle rocking motion, making them an excellent choice for nursing mothers or individuals who find the movement soothing. Swivel recliners rotate on their base, which can be convenient for those who wish to face different directions in a room.

3. Lumbar Support and Ergonomics:

Ensure that your recliner chair provides excellent lumbar support for your lower back. Additionally, consider other ergonomic factors such as headrests, adjustable armrests, and proper seat depth to maximise comfort and encourage healthy posture.

4. Additional Features:

Modern recliners are often designed with added functionalities such as built-in cup holders, heated seats, and massage features. Consider which of these extras might appeal to you and add value to your reclining experience.

2: Material and Construction

1. Upholstery Options:

When browsing different recliner chair options, you'll want to consider the wide variety of upholstery materials available, such as leather, fabric, or faux leather. Each material has its unique benefits, pitfalls, and aesthetic appeal. For example, leather offers a stylish and sophisticated appearance, while fabric recliners are typically more affordable and offer a wider colour palette.

2. Frame and Construction:

The quality of your recliner's frame and construction directly correlates with the chair's longevity and your satisfaction with the product. Look for recliners with frames constructed from durable, long-lasting materials such as kiln-dried hardwood, reinforced steel, or high-quality plywood. Additionally, take note of the type of springs used in the construction, as sinuous springs or individually wrapped coil springs are preferable for comfort and support.

3: Sizing and Space Considerations

1. Sizing the Recliner:

When choosing a recliner chair, size matters. Ensure the chair is proportioned to fit your body comfortably. If you're taller, find a recliner with a higher back and deeper seat to accommodate your frame. If you have limited space, consider compact or wall-hugger recliners, which require less room to recline fully.

2. Room Placement:

Finding the ideal location for your recliner within your existing room layout can be a delicate balancing act. Allow enough space for the chair to recline without obstructing walkways and maintain a harmonious flow in the room.

4: Styling Tips for Your Recliner Chair

1. Coordinate with Existing Decor:

As you search for the perfect recliner, aim to find a design that complements your existing decor. Consider factors such as colour, texture, and design to ensure your new addition doesn't clash with your current furniture and fits seamlessly within your room's aesthetic.

2. Accessories:

Adding decorative cushions or throw blankets to your recliner chair can create a more cohesive and inviting appearance, plus provide extra comfort and warmth. Choose accessories that match or contrast with your recliner's upholstery to enhance your room's overall look.

3. Incorporate Side Tables and Lighting:

Design a functional and comfortable lounge space around your recliner chair by incorporating essential elements such as side tables for beverages or snacks and adjustable lighting for adequate illumination while reading or watching TV.


Selecting and styling the perfect recliner chair for your home requires thorough consideration of various factors, from essential features and materials to size and decor coordination. By incorporating the insights and practical tips shared in this guide, you'll be well on your way to finding a recliner chair that not only serves as a haven of comfort but also reflects your individual tastes and enhances your home's overall aesthetic.

So go forth with confidence, knowing that a world of unparalleled relaxation and style awaits, and let your new recliner chair from Beales provide an unmatched sanctuary of comfort and warmth, truly transforming your home into your personal palace of respite and tranquillity.

March 10, 2024 — Paul Masterson