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Our Zoom Hand Sanitizer/Liquid soap dispenser is a touch free infra-red compact sensor pump and is the most efficient way to wash your hands - no germs or smudges left behind ! Made from white ABS, Zoom is perfect for the sink area or countertops. Zoom's high efficiency pump, with capacity for 200ml, provides fast and accurate liquid soap dispensing or hand sanitizing, operating from 5-7cm -- each measure being 1ml of liquid. Zoom is compatible with all kinds of liquid such as hand sanitizer and hand soap. Use the Showerdrape freestanding Zoom auto soap/sanitizer for optimum performance. Zoom is a great choice for the Bathroom but this accessory will sit in the kitchen or anywhere in your home. White ABS. Capacity 200ml. Each measure: 1ml. Requires 4 x AAA batteries (not included). Specifications: Dimensions: H:18.8 x W:7.0 x D:9.4cm. Colour: White.