The Supervac Sleek Power+ 3-in-1 Cordless Cleaner is perfect for every day cleaning and can be used in three different ways - as a cordless upright stick vacuum cleaner for daily pick ups across all floors, in extended reach mode, and as a handheld cleaner. The manoeuvrability over both carpet and hard-floors makes this cordless vacuum cleaner an ideal cleaner for every day dust and dirt all around your family home and its lightweight design makes carrying it up the stairs a breeze. With its 22.2v Lithium ion battery, fast charge time and up to 40 minutes of cleaning time you'll be able to clean your home with ease. 3 in 1 The 3 in 1 versatility of the Supervac Sleek Power+ means that you can use it all around the home. In Upright Stick Mode The 3 in 1 Supervac Sleek Power+ is suitable for all floors all around the home In Extended Reach Mode The 3 in 1 Supervac Sleek Power+ in extended reach mode, means you can easily clean all those hard to reach areas such as coving and tops of curtains. In Handheld Mode The 3 in 1 Supervac Sleek Power+ can be easily configured into a handheld for use on stairs, upholstery or other areas around the home. Illuminated Floorhead The Supervac Sleek Power+ comes with an illuminated floorhead, giving you visibility under furniture so you can effectively clean those hard to see places. Lightweight The Supervac Sleek Power+ is really lightweight so it can be easily carried up the stairs and around the home. Cordless Cleaning The Supervac is completely cordless, meaning there are no restrictions of a cable for a truly flexible cleaning solution around the home. Dual Power The Supervac Sleek Power+ has a dual power function, enabling you to increase the power for a deep clean. The fast 4 hour charge time and a long run time of up to 40 minutes means you'll be able to quickly clean your home. 1 + 1 Year Guarantee

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just the job great wee hoover value for the money would recommend l

Great hoover

This is a good Hoover very good value for money this is the second one of these I have bought.I have one upstairs and one downstairs.Picks up very well nice and lightweight. Good on the stairs would recommend to anyone who wants a good value Hoover.


The cordless super vacuum does not stand by itself which is a shame, as there is a chance of it falling and breaking. Not sure if I’ll be keeping it.

Not received it yet?

I have not received it yet??