Maison & White Stainless Steel Gravy Boat - 500ml

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You’re wining and dining around the dinner table and all the guests are having a good time, you’ve just served food and it’s going down a treat but halfway through eating one of your guests wants extra gravy. After pouring gravy from your old gravy boat and tucking into the meal to realise their delicious hot dinner has been ruined by the cold brown condiment. Not to worry, Maison & White has put an end to cold gravy! With double insulated, reinforced walls, this gravy boat insulates internal temperatures keeping hot, hot and cold, cold.


Keep your milk at a refreshing ice-cold temperature or your gravy piping hot in the Maison & White Stainless Steel Gravy Boat 500ml. Using specially constructed insulating walls, liquids cool at a slower rate than they would in a non-insulated jug. Coming in handy when you want to just sit back and relax when eating your dinner instead of having to go through the trouble of reheating.


Impress your guests with your new modern gravy boat made from stainless steel with a brushed metal finish on the body. The top of the gravy boat features a hinged lid, spout and handles, fully finished with shiny chrome, making for an elegant and sophisticated dining accessory.


Use your Maison & White Stainless Steel Gravy Boat 500ml for all of your condiments and liquid needs. Whether you want to keep milk, cream or even some ice tea as frosty and fresh as the moment you poured it, or want to keep your custard or coffee hot and ready to be poured, this gravy boat is the perfect partner.

Please note: Wash before first use. Hand wash only.


  • Size:15.5cm (6.1in) x 12.5cm ( 4.9in) x 11.5cm (4.5in)
  • MateriaI: Stainless Steel
  • In the Box: x1 Stainless Steel Gravy Boat 500ml
  • 2 Year Warranty.