Katie Piper Reset Sprig Chunky Throw - Silver

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Reset Sprig features a stem of new leaves surrounded by a sunrise pattern and a delicate dotted stripe in silver and yellow on the reverse. The design creates a sense of gentle positivity and is made from 100% cotton. The silver Reset chunky cushion and throw add a cosy harmony to the look, whilst the Reset pom pom cushion has a quirky charm. Layer further with the Reset cushion, which has delicately striped embroidery and sunny yellow fringe. The embroidered affirmation Reset pillowcase is the perfect finishing touch to inspire rejuvenation in your bedroom sanctuary. The addition of the Reset weighted blanket in silver completes the Reset story with further benefits to anxiety sufferers. The pressure of the weighted blanket is intended to reduce stress by encouraging the release of serotonin, the chemical that stabilizes our mood and creates feelings of well-being and happiness, providing the calm and sanctuary needed for a restful experience and soothing sleep.

Name: Katie Piper Reset Sprig Chunky Throw, Silver

Brand: Katie Piper

Metric Dimensions: 130cm x 150cm

Composition: 60% Wool 40% Acrylic

Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only