For professional-quality results with stirring aroma and bold flavor, the OPIO Espresso Machine delivers authentic espresso and creamy cappuccino straight to your cup. The manual selection feature helps you achieve perfect flavor and consistency, while the Italian pump with 15-bar pressure produces improved flavor extraction with no bitterness. Advanced aluminum boiler technology provides rapid pre-heating, while the steam nozzle ensures creamy cappuccinos. Authentic flavor is matched by convenience, with two-cup or one-cup filters included and integrated storage for measuring spoon and tamper. With enhanced features to round off the package—including a removable 1.5 L water tank and a cup heater to add a professional touch—OPIO delivers an exceptional home espresso maker experience Experience professional-grade quality delivered straight to your cup, with 15-bar pump pressure producing authentic flavor extraction with no bitterness, for a difference you can taste. Adjustable manual settings add a high degree of control and precision to the drink-making experience, for coffee drinks tailored to perfection and delivered straight to your cup. "Discover creamy cappuccino with froth at just the right consistency, ideal for a wide variety of drinks, for the indulgent experience of delicious creamy cappuccino from the comfort of your own home. Choose from either a one-cup or two-cup filter holder for single or double espresso, and discover the perfect balance of strength and length to satisfy any taste. The tamper accessory is ideal for tightly-packed grounds that deliver perfect results straight to your cup, with a measuring spoon to control flavor with high-precision proportions. A 1.5 L capacity provides enough for drink after drink, while the removable water tank improves the drink-making experience with effortless refills and unrivalled convenience.